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Barcode :  TR5560 002
Brand :  TREND UP
Catagory :  DRESS


Lendy is a global wholesaler about the woman apparel. We're working with, up to twenty brands and currently supply merchandise to thousands of clients globally, including small retailers, department stores, other wholesalers and e-commerce stores.Lendyshop quality and wishing to make easy purchases, is an innovative e-commerce website making wholesale purchases as easy as retail.
We have been operating of our headquarters in Laleli, Istanbul, since 1976. With fourty-three years experience in the Women apparel and wholesale industry, we are able to supply our global customers with large quantities goods.Lendyshop offering numerous advantages such as online selection, examination and comparison of items, eliminates the need for its customers to travel, spend money and make physical contact with the wholesaler, thus helping them save time and money.With an exceptional track record in customer service and fast response times, Lendyshop prides itself in being a trusted and reliable source for wholesale women apparel in the world.
Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you may have about product offerings and current stock lists.

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